Trump will put Palestinians low on his list of priorities

Obama – most pro-Israel President since Truman
World-renowned linguist, activist and prolific author Noam Chomsky weighed in on Palestine’s uncertain future under Trump. According to Chomsky, the Trump administration’s Middle East politics represent, in many ways, America’s next logical step in relinquishing support for Palestinian civil rights.

“Since the 1970’s, every administration has taken a weaker and weaker position towards the [Israeli] settlements.” “Around the United States was supporting Security Council resolutions, voting for them, saying that the settlements are illegal even one saying the settlements should be disbanded.” This softening U.S. position on Israeli-Palestinian conflict has also been overwhelmingly non-partisan, Chomsky notes. In fact, just before Trump took office,

President Obama was easily “the most pro-Israel president since Truman,” despite Obama’s obvious contempt for Benjamin Netanyahu.
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