Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy Could Cause a Bloodbath in Gaza as Israeli Military Deploys Sharpshooters

As Palestinians in the Gaza Strip prepare to stage mass demonstrations on the border with Israel, the Israeli Defense Forces is deploying 100 sharpshooters to man the area, an Israeli general announced Wednesday. The army has been authorized to open fire on protesters in cases of extreme danger.  The showdown could start on Friday, when thousands of people are expected to gather in tent cities in five locations along the security barrier that separates the Gaza Strip from Israel for an event known as the Nakba March. Entire families are expected to participate in weeks of demonstrations, which are being held in opposition to President Donald Trump’s decision to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Activists also hope the protests will call attention to the plight of Palestinian refugees. Israeli officials say they are prepared for some demonstrators to attempt to cross the border from Gaza into Jerusalem, and the deployment of sharpshooters is meant to discourage these advances. Skirmishes have already taken place in recent weeks between Israeli forces and protesters, and in one case three armed Palestinians succeeded in entering Israel.
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