Trump’s tacit war deal

Palestine Update 330

Trump’s tacit war deal
No one expected Donald Trump to unveil an intelligent peace deal for Palestine and Israel given his rank prejudice and his own racist inclinations.  Nor did anyone except his son-in-law to say or do anything smart or just! For the US administration, this is a mere ‘real-estate’ strategy which gives Israel domination and control to worsen the occupation to the maximum. It is a tacit deal to ethnically cleanse Palestine in stages. It is a tactic to dehumanize the Palestinians and to open up spaces and opportunities for more land to be grabbed under the garb of peace and economic development. No one in their right senses believes this to be a fair deal or based on justice and common sense. A comment in “The Middle East Eye” puts it best: “As Donald Trump hailed his so-called “deal of the century” as a historic opportunity to achieve peace between Palestinians and Israel, Democratic members of congress poured scorn on the plan that has been rejected by Palestinians. The proposal, which was drafted without the input of any Palestinian groups, allows Israel to keep all of its settlements in the West Bank and annex large parts of the Palestinian territories that it currently occupies. While Trump has floated his proposal as a “realistic two-state solution”, the plan itself says a Palestinian state – if it materializes – will be demilitarized and without sovereignty over its air space and territorial waters”.

We bring you selected articles about the deal and the Palestinian reaction. Please read and disseminate.

Ranjan Solomon

Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ map for a future Palestine, Israel
US President Donald Trump on Tuesday unveiled new details of his long-touted plan to address the Israel-Palestine conflict. The 181-page document contained conceptual maps showing how Israel and a future Palestinian state could look if Palestinians agreed to sign up to the plan, which was endorsed at the White House by Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Palestinian leaders have already rejected the proposals. This is how the territories of Israel and Palestine would look under Trump’s plan. The maps shows a series of Palestinian cantons pockmarked with illegal Israeli settlements marked as “enclave communities”. One lists 15 such communities, but stresses that the list is “not all inclusive”. Commentators already have noted that the map goes nowhere near showing the archipelago effect in reality, and shows Palestinian
territory to be much more coherent than it would.

"Connecting the various communities are segregated Palestinian and Israeli roads, much like today. These Palestinian roads, however, are labelled “major”. Some Palestinian areas are linked by bridges and tunnels, the most prominent being one between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

South of Gaza, in the Negev desert, is a “high-tech manufactory industrial” area and a “residential and agricultural” zone. It is not clear if this is intended to be sovereign Israel or part of a future Palestinian state. All routes between Palestinian communities are thin corridors, and easily severed. Four triangles mark “strategic sites” – presumably Israeli military bases. They all appear to be either within the Palestinian cantons or adjacent. Beside the Mediterranean cities of Haifa and Ashdod appear large anchor icons. Jerusalem, marked by a star on the map of Israel but just a dot on the Palestinian one, will “remain undivided west of the security barrier”. The status quo over the Al-Aqsa compound will be maintained, a map says. But “all Muslims who come in peace will be welcome to visit and pray at the al-Aqsa Mosque”.

‘There Shall Be No Right of Return’: What You Need to Know about Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’

US President Donald Trump has finally unveiled his Middle East plan on Tuesday, during a press conference in Washington, as right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stood by his side.  The entire plan consists of 80 pages, 50 of which outline possible political scenarios, while the rest details an economic proposal that Washington had already introduced last July, during a conference in Manama, Bahrain.

Mass demonstrations in Gaza as Trump unveils ‘deal of the century’ Palestinians have been injured by Israeli forces as thousands demonstrated against the US president’s so-called peace plan in the occupied West Bank. Protesters walked through the streets of Gaza city, chanted slogans to show their rejection to the deal. They lifted banners such as “The one who doesn’t own [USA], grants who doesn’t deserve [Israel],” and “The deal of shame shall not pass.” One person was taken to the hospital after being hit with a rubber bullet in the city of Ramallah and 12 others suffered exposure to tear gas. “What is happening today represents a new catastrophe for the Palestinian people, and dual American-Israeli aggression against Palestine which aims at liquidating of the Palestinian issue in favor of the Israeli entity,” said the spokesperson of Hamas Fouzy Barhoum.

US Arabs: Trump’s deal ‘yet another disgraceful act’
A joint statement by  Palestinian, Arab American and Human Rights Organizations in the US today said that the unveiling of the so called “Deal of the Century” is yet another disgraceful act by the Trump Administration. “A “peace deal” is supposed to entail conflict-ending terms that are to the mutual benefit of both parties, and can only be reached through a level playing field,” the statement said. It added that the “so-called “deal” is nothing more than an attempt by President Trump to impose an extremist Israeli agenda on the Palestinians, without regard to their most basic rights or aspirations…This Administration’s policy towards the Palestinians is not based on any moral or legal principles, but caters exclusively to the President’s far-right domestic constituency at the expense of peace, stability, and the U.S. national interest.”

Palestinians summon unity, dialogue in face of Deal of the Century officials accused Washington of attempting “to cancel” the Palestinian cause, following US President Donald Trump’s announcement that he will reveal details of his so-called ‘Deal of the Century’ on Tuesday.  The American President is scheduled to discuss the plan separately with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his main opponent, Benny Gantz, in Washington. The Palestinian leadership will not be involved in the meetings. The Palestinian Authority (PA) has already started its own diplomatic action to counter the US so-called peace plan. Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat told Agency France Press that the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) reserved the right “to withdraw from the interim agreement” of the Oslo Accords, signed in 1993.