UN Must Take Action to Stop Illegal Israeli Settlements – Special Rapporteur

The UN Security Council and the General Assembly must take active steps to ensure Israel complies with the Security Council resolution, according to which Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory are a violation of international law, UN Special Rapporteur Michael Lynk urged. “The settlement announcements by the Israeli government, only a month after the clear direction of the international community, are a defiant and troubling repudiation of resolution 2334… If the international community intends to preserve what remains of a viable two-state solution, it must not assume that resolutions, critical statements and international conferences alone will change state behaviour in these circumstances,” Lynk said.

Lynk added that Israel would continue settlement construction as long as “the international community will take no meaningful steps to enforce the Council’s resolution.” The rapporteur stressed that the settlements hindered Palestinian self-determination and acted as “obstacles to the movement of Palestinians in their own territory.|”