Veteran IDF soldiers continue ‘Breaking the Silence’ despite Israeli government crack down

Fourteen years ago, Ido Evans-Paz was a young IDF combatant soldier. While stationed at the southernmost point of the West Bank, in ‘Firing Zone 918’, he detained a small group of men, some of the many thousand driven to cross illegally into Israel for work every day. He blindfolded, cuffed and lined up the men, who he remembered were “old enough to be my father.” Then, following procedure, he called the situation in to his superiors. A high ranking officer arrived and informed Paz he would be taking over proceedings. Paz remained on the scene to witness the officer force the men to strip, and run between two lines he drew in the sandy ground. “You didn’t finish on time, do it again,” the officer instructed, counting down five menacing seconds each time. Paz knew this was wrong.
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