VIDEO: Israeli police fight medics over bed of dying Palestinian

More than a dozen Israeli police apparently prevented an injured Palestinian teenager receiving treatment in hospital during violent clashes over Israeli control of Jerusalem’s holiest site, shocking video has shown.

Video released on Monday by the rights group B’Tselem shows a line of Israeli police clashing with medics as they try to wheel Mohamed Abu Ganem into the operating theatre at al-Makassed hospital in east Jerusalem.

The 19-year-old had been shot by an Israeli settler in the Palestinian district of Tur during clashes over al-Aqsa mosque on 21 July. He died of his wounds before he could be operated on.

But the video suggests that Israeli police prevented his emergency treatment. Witness accounts compiled by B’Tselem claimed the officers had “tried to seize (Ganem’s) bed, assaulting members of the medical crew, including two male nurses, a volunteer female nurse and a doctor, and others as well.”
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