West Bank: The Reality of the Separation Wall

A  look at one of the most controversial walls in the world

In this episode of Walls of Shame, the producer looks at the plight of Palestinian farmers whose land has become inaccessible because of Israel’s 700km security wall.

Most ancient cities had so-called “protective” walls – and while we see some around Jerusalem dating back to the 16th century, the separation barrier erected by Israel not only looks different – it serves a completely different purpose. Israel claims the wall is vital for its security, but according to the International Court of Justice it is in clear violation of international law.

This episode also looks at the real intention of those who first drew its outlines and their highest priority was not the security of Israel. Since this film first aired in 2007, Israel has continued to expand the wall more than 200km, despite condemnation from the UN and most recently the EU.

It’s a measure that has continued to cause outrage, even from some of Israel’s own citizens. Among these protesters are Israelis. We spoke with Jonathan Pollack, an Israeli activist who is part of the movement against the wall.