West Bank walking trail highlights Palestinian heritage, culture

A group of Palestinians and foreign tourists departed April 19 on a 21-day hiking expedition to explore the history and sites of the West Bank. The trail they followed is called Masar Ibrahim al-Khalil (MIAK), which is Arabic for Abraham’s Path. The expedition aims to highlight the suffering of the Palestinian people on the one hand, and introduce foreign tourists to the Palestinian culture, heritage and history on the other.
The trail runs through 53 Palestinian villages and Bedouin communities. “The purpose of this trip is to introduce local and foreign participants — with the help of 15 local tourist guides — to the historical presence of the Palestinians, and give them the opportunity to live with the villagers and experience different lifestyles and share food, discover agricultural fields and learn about the various types of plants and wild animals…This journey also aims to expose the suffering of the Palestinian people and the injustice caused by the settlements, the demolition [of Palestinian homes] and the displacement [of Palestinians] by the Israeli occupation forces.” Folktales are a part of the event and traditional parties are organized by Palestinian dabke groups in the different villages, in addition to other activities such as cycling.
The participants receive a symbolic passport from MIAK, which is stamped in each village they pass through. They are required to walk a certain distance each day, passing historical sites along the way.
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