Why should Palestinians talk to their oppressors

The root cause of Palestinian misery is the creation of the State of Israel, an original sin that saw most of the land’s native population cast out from their homes to become dispossessed, destitute refugees, if they were not simply murdered.

Israel refused to countenance any recourse to justice for the Palestinians left stateless in 1948. Refugees were expressly denied return, their properties were confiscated by the state and doled out to new arrivals from Europe. The internally displaced lost their properties and were categorized – as “present absentees. And it was compounded by the occupation in 1967 of the rest of historic Palestine.

Normalization seeks to deepen connections with Israelis without holding them accountable for the crimes – historic and ongoing – committed against the Palestinian people.
How can you so easily talk to the people who stole your land, robbed your people of their possessions and sense of belonging, killed tens of thousands and imposed hundreds of restrictions on your life?

How do you so easily talk to the people who call you a terrorist for wanting to reclaim what is yours? The people who demonize you and shoot you, imprison your relatives, humiliate your parents.