Will the real Bernie Sanders stand up please?HAVE THE ZIONISTS BOUGHT OFF BERNIE SANDERS TOO?

Bernie Sanders throws Palestinians under the bus
A majority of Democrats now backs economic sanctions or tougher action on Israel over its continued colonization of occupied Palestinian land, a University of Maryland poll revealed this week.But progressive Democrats cannot count on a single member of the US Senate to stand firm for Palestinian rights: not Patrick Leahy, not Kamala Harris and not “progressive” firebrand Elizabeth Warren.

Even Bernie Sanders has caved in to pressure from AIPAC. His signature appears with those of all 99 of his Senate colleagues on a 27 April letter reaffirming key talking points of the powerful Israel lobby group. The diverse coalition Sanders brought together will be jeopardized if he thinks Palestinians can be thrown under the have the Zionists bought off Bernie sanders?bus with no reaction.Eu Tu Sanders?
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