World Reformed Church takes action on Palestinian rights

For the first time in history the official body of the world’s Reformed Churches issued a resolution with respect to the Palestinian human rights struggle.

The World Community of Reformed Churches (WCRC) General Council in Leipzig, Germany on 7 July 2017 achieved consensus to affirm that the situation of injustice and suffering that exists in Palestine represents and is an urgent issue of integrity in Christian faith and praxis. It asked its member churches to collect and disseminate educational materials on the Palestinian situation to member churches. It will also initiate a programme of study and discernment on the theology used to legitimate the oppression of the Palestinian people, recognizing that such a study might result in the need for prophetic action.

Significantly, the WCRC will encourage member churches to examine their mission, education, and investment relationships with Israel and Palestine in light of the witness of Palestinian Christians and the Reformed Communion’s commitments to human rights and the protections of international law.

To enable all this, WCRC will encourage and support delegations to visit the region to connect with the Christian community in the Holy Land and promote initiatives for dialogue, civil peace services, mediation, conflict prevention and transformation.

The WCRC action comes two weeks after an open letter to the ecumenical movement by the National Coalition of Christian Organizations in Palestine. In this letter, Palestinians described the situation “on the verge of catastrophic collapse”. They appealed to the churches of the world for costly solidarity to end their oppression and gain their freedom and their religious, social, human and political rights.
Source: Press release, 26th General Council: 29 June to 7 July 2017: Leipzig, Germany